Homework Policy




Homework is an essential component of the instructional program and should be utilized by teachers to determine instructional direction. Therefore the teachers at Inglewood High School are required to give homework assignments. Additionally, it is an expectation that the teachers will correct the assignments ensuring that students utilize the information to review or reinforce concepts studied in class.

There are a variety of considerations in assigning homework. These considerations include the following:

  1. Does the homework provide essential practice in needed skills?
  2. Does the homework address the California Content Standards?
  3. Are the students clearly aware of what they are to do?
  4. Does the homework enrich and extend school experience?
  5. Can the homework be evaluated fairly and/or be used in the daily program?

Students are to be assigned 2 to 4 hours of homework per day. Assignments may be given each day of each week or in units of work for a specific period of time. Homework assignments should not be more than one hour of work per night per subject for the average student.


Homework Schedule By Department


Monday Tuesday

Social Studies

Voc. Ed

EnglishMathForeign Lang.

Social Studies


Wednesday Thursday Friday
English Math ScienceSocial StudiesVoc. Ed. EnglishMathForeign Lang.

Social studies Science

Visual & Performing ArtsMathScience

Social Studies


Foreign Lang.

Voc. Ed.


Homework may be given 7 days a week, including weekends. However, please be mindful of this mandatory Homework Policy and schedule when assigning additional work beyond the 2 to 4 hours prescribed in this policy.