Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Academic and Graduation Requirements

To graduate from high school, each student shall 1) achieve specified units of credit as determined by the State and the I.U.S.D Board of Education and outlined below, 2) make passing grades in all courses and have satisfactory records of attendance and conduct.


I        GRADE LEVEL REQUIREMENTS – (Per State and District)

Grade 9                                             Grade 10

Physical Education                                Physical Education

English I, ELD                                      English II, ELD

Mathematics                                        Mathematics

World Geography                                 World Geography

Science                                               Science

Elective – IBT/Freshman Orientation                Elective

Grade 11                                           Grade12

English III, ELD                                   English IV, ELD

U.S. History-Geography                        Economics/Civics

Mathematics                                        Electives or College Requirements



Students must earn a minimum number of credits each year to progress to the next grade level. Students who do not meet the following minimum requirements will be reclassified to a lower grade level.

Fall             Spring

Grade 10 ……………………………               55 Credits     85 Credits

Grade 11 ……………………………               115 Credits   145 Credits

Grade 12 ……………………………               170 Credits   200 Credits



          English                                                  40 Units

Social Studies                                         40 Units

Mathematics                                          30 Units

Science                                                  20 Units

Physical Education                                  20 Units

Fine Arts or Foreign Language                 10 Units

State Requirements                                5 Units

165 or more required units

65 or more elective units

230 or more required for graduation


IV      High School Exit Exam

Beginning with the class of 2006 all students completing grade twelve must pass the high school exit exam in language arts and math in order to receive a diploma.


The following lists of courses are those offered at Inglewood High School. In most departments the courses are shown in the sequence in which they are offered. Courses within the various departments meet or exceed the California State Standards as set forth in the Framework for California Public Schools. Each department has adopted ideas from the State Framework while retaining the best of traditional methods of teaching.

The courses are listed under the following departments:

English/Language Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, History/Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Vocational Education, Non-Departmental, Special Education, Southern California Regional Occupational Center (SCROC).

Within each department students may participate in specific school programs such as:

HONORS- Honors classes are offered in English, math, social science, and science. Students are selected on the basis of test scores, grades, and recommendation from teachers and counselor. An honors class takes the students into more subject matter depth.

AP- Advanced Placement: A system by which college freshman may bypass entry-level courses by proving they have already taken the equivalent in high school. The college may award college credit if a student earns a certain grade on a specially designed College Board. Exam is at the conclusion of an AP course.

ELL- English Language Learner: Instruction designed to transition Limited English Proficient students from their primary language to English.

SDAIE– Special Designed Academic Instruction in English: In order to provide equal opportunity for academic achievement in the district’s regular course of study and to prevent any substantive academic deficits, each LEP (Limited English Proficient) student whose diagnosis makes it necessary, receives special designed academic instruction in English.