Attendance Procedures



Attendance Office- (310) 680-5203



A student is considered absent if he/she is not in his/her regularly assigned class within 30 minutes of the starting time for the class (ED.CODE48260).

Returning to School after an Absence

The day a student is absent; the parent must provide a note to the school with the following information:

  • Their student’s name and I.D. number
  • Relation to student
  • Reason for absence(s)
  • Date of absence(s)
  • Parent(s) day-time phone number

Notes for Absences

Notes written to excuse a student’s absence must be written by parent/guardian whose signature appears on the Attendance signature Card. Parents/Guardians who will be out of town for an extended period of time need to contact the Attendance Office. If students are absent for any reason they must bring a written note from parent/guardian to the attendance office. Parents have 3 school days from the last day of absence to clear the unverified absences so that their child may receive make-up work.

Health Absence

If a student has a medical or dental appointment during school hours, attends a funeral of a member of the immediate family, is involved in an accident on the way to school, or has serious emotional problems, the student is eligible for a health excuse when student brings written verification of the reason for his/her absence.

Leaving the Campus

If a student must leave school after the student begins classes, the student is required to bring a note stating the reason he or she must leave and the periods that will be missed. Checkout in the attendance office must be done any time prior to leaving campus due to illness or medical appointments. Leaving campus without attendance approval is considered a truant, and absence cannot be cleared.

School Excuse

If a student does not attend school or a single class because of a school meeting or function, the student may be issued a school excuse. A written verification by an authorized school employee is required. Further, students must obtain permission from the teacher of the class the student will miss before being absent from the class.

Suspension Excuse

If a student does not attend school or single classes because the student was removed by a school administrator, the office of supervision will contact the Attendance Office indicating that the student was suspended or placed in in-house suspension for one or more periods. Readmission after suspension is through the office of the Assistant Principal in charge of attendance. The student will be allowed to make up missed work.


A student will be TRUANT if absent from school without parent permission, or if he or she leaves campus without checking out with the nurse or authorized personnel in the Attendance Office. Truancies received when students decide not to go to a particular class, or to go to the library to study, etc. cannot be cleared by parents. Absences that are not cleared within three days of the absence will be considered an unexcused absence.

Parents will be contacted by the classroom teacher when a student has unexcused absences in any class.  The classroom teacher will refer a student to his or her counselor when an unexcused absence occurs.


If a student writes a note and signs it for his or her parent /guardian or has someone else write the note, or arranges for a fraudulent phone call, the student will be given a truancy for the absences. ALL NOTES are checked daily by the attendance clerks for authorized signatures and parents are notified of suspected forged notes.



Whereas classroom attendance is considered to be an integral of the learning experience, the following policy guidelines for attendance will be enforced at Inglewood High School.

On the third day of school, an unverified absence will be converted to truancy.



The teacher will contact the parent by telephone and indicate the student has been arriving late to class. Each classroom teacher will document that contact has been made and then teacher will assign detention. If the student fails to serve detention within the timeline, the student will be referred to an Assistant Principal’s office for disciplinary action. Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. may be issued truancy tickets in the amount of $150.00 or more. Daily tardy sweeps will be implemented through the day and again truancy tickets may be issued to students late or out of class.


Passes will only be issued to a student in the case of an emergency. Please use restroom before school, during passing periods, lunch period, or after school. Students manage your time, do not loose out on your instructional time.

Saturday School Rules and Regulations


Detention Room: Saturday School

Saturday School Hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 Noon


  • The student must report for Saturday School by 7:30 a.m. When dismissed the student must leave campus immediately
  • Tardy students will not be admitted
  • Students must sit at their assigned stations. They may not leave their seat
  • If they have a problem, they are to raise their hand.
  • Talking is not allowed unless spoken to by the Saturday Detention teacher
  • Students must work. If they have no homework or class work to do, they are to bring an appropriate book to read.
  • Sleeping, resting, and talking are not permitted
  • Students must bring textbooks, paper and writing instruments with them
  • No foods, drinks, gum, candy, allowed unless permission has been granted from the Saturday Detention teacher.
  • A lavatory break will be provided. No other breaks will be permitted.
  • A student breaking any of the rules will be referred to an Assistant Principal and they will have to make up the Saturday detention.

Failure to attend a Saturday School will result in suspension and reassignment of Saturday School.


Detentions will be assigned for infractions of the school rules. Failure to serve detention or attend Saturday School is defiance of authority and will result in disciplinary action.

Senior Detention: Prior to May 14,       all Disciplinary actions must be cleared. (Failure to serve detentions will result in the revocation of all senior privileges.


Students may be suspended for up to five days for severe violations such as fighting, drug/alcohol possession, theft, or defiance of authority.

Absences and Grades

Inglewood Unified School District’s policy on student attendance states that students must be present 95% of the school semester; if absent more than 5% in one semester, they may receive a failing grade. If a student is ill, the teacher may provide make-up work as much as possible. If a student is truant or tardy, the teacher may refuse to provide make-up work. If suspended, homework can be requested for time missed and a reasonable time given to make it up as determined by the teacher.